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Dream employer – Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems is the world's leading provider of multi-domain master data management (MDM) solutions. Industry leaders rely on Stibo Systems to connect product, customer, supplier and other enterprise data for cross-channel consistency. This allows companies to make more effective decisions, increase sales and generate added value.

Stibo Systems – dream employer
Stibo Systems – dream employer

Leading in MDM solutions

Stibo Systems is part of the private company Stibo A/S, founded in 1794 and headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark. Over the past 30 years, Stibo Systems has helped leading international companies create a single trusted source for strategic information.

Stibo Systems has been ranked at the top of independent agencies for several – Gartner Group: in the Magic Quadrant, The Information Difference & Ventana: Top Ranked for Product Information Management and Customer Satisfaction.

Unparalleled corporate culture

The corporate culture is shaped by the special composition of colleagues, their commitment to the products and company values.


Thanks to many years of industry experience and excellent staff loyalty, there is comprehensive knowledge and profound know-how in nearly all sectors. On this basis, customers are optimally supported in their individual business requirements.


Business First: This attitude is followed like a red thread. The goal is for customers to derive the maximum benefit from their operational data in order to achieve top results. In other words, Stibo Systems consistently focuses on its customers and their specific requirements.


Stibo Systems is a solid private company with a AAA rating. In addition, as a foundation, it focuses on the long-term development of a strong product and excellent customer service, instead of constantly integrating new acquisitions into the company.


The award-winning platform, STEP, is a true multi-domain solution. It manages product and customer data as well as information on suppliers and branches. Customers only need one central platform to manage all relevant data domains and to derive optimum added value from their data throughout the company.

Careers at a solid company

Stibo Systems is a solid company with an impressive history. Through the simultaneous management as a foundation, the focus is fully geared towards long-term success. The company stands for integrity and stability, and both customers and employees benefit from this.

Thinkers and doers

Thanks to its crystal-clear focus on business first solutions, the company succeeds in attracting committed and motivated employees who share its vision. The employees are both thinkers and doers who strive to make customers even more successful in their respective markets by mastering the convergence of business and IT.

International Team

Since most clients operate globally, great importance is attached to an equally international team, consisting of technology-enthusiastic communicators who believe in teamwork and respect.

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