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Dream employer – x-cellent technologies

x-cellent technologies GmbH has been engaged in the market as an IT service provider and consulting company since 1998. Its innovative products and solutions represent a cornerstone of the IT landscape for many companies. The spectrum of services includes DevOps, business analysis, project management, software engineering, SEO and operation.

x-cellent technologies – dream employer

x-cellent technologies – dream employer

IT-service provider and consultants

Providing true "high performance IT" digitalization is a challenge for many companies. Short delivery times, new challenges to functionality and drastically increased demand for quality in the delivery of new applications can no longer be achieved with traditional methods and technology. As an alternative, new, agile processes, microservices, continuous delivery, container technology and cloud systems must be employed, these being generically categorized as DevOps.

x-cellent thinking

IT is a critical system component in companies and contributes significantly to success. It is therefore not sufficient to advance developments in a yearly cycle and to view IT as an isolated unit. DevOps goes beyond software development and changes existing processes with the goal of having the areas of development, operations and quality assurance work together more effectively – while considering all stakeholders in the system. The better this linkage functions, the smoother and quicker the software can be delivered.

Immense knowledge base

The specialists at x-cellent work on and in these systems daily and thus have acquired an immense amount of knowledge. For customers, this means that they can rely on first class, expert knowledge derived straight out of practice. The DevOps culture is also used within x-cellent. Experts from the realms of business analysis, project management, software engineering and SEO are always in tune with the times. A continuous exchange of knowledge takes place.

Company-wide introduction of DevOps

The reduction of time-to-market is a significant factor today in the successful placement of a product on the market. A high-grade automation procedure via the DevOps approach results in a decisive acceleration of the development process. x-cellent escorts its customers from concept to successful deployment in the context of introducing DevOps approaches company-wide.

Put ideas into effect. Create solutions. Design the future.

In addition to specific know-how in its areas of emphasis, x-cellent also has many years of experience in the financial services sector. With competence, creativity and sustained benefit, individual and innovative IT services are generated that substantially support customer business processes.

Sustained customer relations

The x-cellent team is proud of its longstanding, sustained customer relations and always sees its reputation as a qualified solution provider in terms of responsibility to the future. Our doing business focuses on a needs based, individual customer solution of high qualitative value.

An appreciation of every individual

x-cellent's success is based on an appreciation of every individual employee. Everyone is an image bearer for x-cellent thinking and is jointly responsible for the success of a project. The goal is for all employees to work on the development of the expert network and to always jointly find the best solutions for the customer.

Contribute to success

At x-cellent you will find a flat hierarchy in which individual responsibility and independent action are sought after. Here, you find yourself escorted instead of being led. You have the opportunity to shape your own success here. Your creativity, passion and willingness to commit are the engine for the further development of the x-cellent brand as a market leader.

Join an active team!

You have a heart that races at the thought of the newest technology? You seek to work toward the future in an agile environment? Taking on responsibility from the start as an engaged, young professional or as a graduate and putting learning into practice? Or achieving new goals as an experienced professional? Come meet the team: x-cellent will welcome you warmly.

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