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Insider tips for a job interview – 10 questions that you should pose to an employer

A person who can confidently answer questions posed by a potential, new employer has a clear advantage in a job interview. However, it is also just as important to pose questions yourself. The insider, Jürgen Bockholdt – manager of the personnel department at PERIT Consulting – reveals how you can effectively prepare and what considerations you should advance.

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Insider tips for a job interview

Insider tips for a job interview

Personnel supervisors decide whether someone is eligible for a position within the first five minutes of an interview. The person who wishes to score points in this early phase should therefore go to the interview with a plan. An applicant who has already contemplated what his 90-day plan of activities will look like in his new position will demonstrate considerable engagement. He thereby demonstrates his willingness to evolve into the new assignment as quickly as possible and achieve his goals.

How will I formulate my story of success?

An essential issue for the interview is the credible presentation of personal success and strengths. Companies would like to know what added value you can contribute. That is, the person who can show how they can promote the company through their position is ahead in the race. In order to write your story of success, it is best to note the success that you have achieved in recent years. Perhaps you can keep a book on your success in the coming period in order to be well prepared for the critical encounter.

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Remaining silent is a big mistake

One of the biggest mistakes in the interview, it turns out, is not posing any questions yourself. Personnel managers view silence and passive behaviour as a lack of interest. In order to prevent this error, you can use the following questions to prove that you are highly motivated.

10 questions you should pose to your future employer:

  1. How did this vacancy arise in the first place?
  2. What future prospect does this position offer?
  3. What is your short term and medium term expectation?
  4. What is the greatest challenge that this position poses?
  5. Concerning replacement, why would a predecessor relinquish the position?
  6. What creative leeway does this vacancy offer?
  7. Where do you see the company in two to five years?
  8. What plans do you have in terms of this company developing?
  9. What type of further education does your company offer?
  10. What are the reasons for you, yourself, working for this company?

Be able to assess important performance indicators

It is also important to see the company business data accurately. This is particularly so in regard to senior positions. In many companies, for example a joint stock company or a limited liability company, these data are officially available. Regarding these companies, you should prepare for this question: "In your opinion, how have our key business figures changed in the last three years?" This question puts even seasoned individuals in an awkward position – and just this point itself makes clear how seriously someone is interested in a future employer.

Insider tips

The CAREERS LOUNGE has issued an E-booklet in which the most important questions are summarized in order to intensively prepare for a job interview. In it, you will also find practical tips on how you can appear confident and avoid blunders during the interview – starting with attire and extending to body language.

You can download the E-booklet for free on the CAREERS LOUNGE website at "Insider-Tips" E-booklet

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