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Original voice on HR Scouting: Peter Schatz

Application to international Senior Management – success with HR Scouting

For Peter Schatz, 2016 was the year of occupational change: As a professional Senior Marketing Executive with lots of experience in internal business and proven successes, he faced the task of reorientating his career this year as part of a worldwide reorganisation of his previous company. With CAREERS LOUNGE, powered by PERIT Consulting, he found his new dream employer.

With HR Scouting, Marketing Director Peter Schatz found a new leadership position that enthused him at dream employer Lectra.

CAREERS LOUNGE presents: Peter Schatz
Success through HR Scouting

Modern method: HR Scouting

In view of the career packet, that the knowledge forum put together for its visitors, it is not surprising that lots of information here was interesting for Peter Schatz. "I was immediately impressed by the CAREERS LOUNGE and found the various articles, contributions and videos very exciting." So he decided outright for HR Scouting, because it functions according to a simple and direct principal and what's more, its free: The job seeker submits their contact details and CV and the HR scouts then get in contact with the job seeker directly. From person to person. After getting to know the job seeker personally, the HR scouts create a competence profile and search out a match with a dream employer.

From person to person

In HR Scouting, when it comes to newly orientating executives, there can be no substitution for a personal interview with any technology. Most managers are very skilled when it comes to profiling and in the representation of their leadership abilities. But specialised HR Scouting detects even more and possibly hidden strengths and success criteria in an individual. For this reason it is also advantageous even for experienced executives, that the HR Scouts create a meaningful competence profile after an intensive process of acquaintance.

Getting to the heart of it

Besides critical self-reflection, a further strength of CAREERS LOUNGE's HR Scouting is the intensive involvement of the respective dream employers early on in the process: What are my aims for the future? Who are these dream companies? And where would I like to work? After these objectives have been clarified and the competence profile has been created, the HR scouts search for a match with a dream employer and in doing so, and collate all factors using their professional knowledge. If both parties then decide to collaborate after getting to know each other personally, the match is perfect.

Dream employer: Lectra

In a talk with his HR Scout, the CEO of CAREERS LOUNGE Jürgen Bockholdt, Peter Schatz described where he would like to be. He had already worked abroad for a number of years, in Paris and near London and in various locations in Germany. His aspired to work in an international marketing managerial position in future, at a distance of up to 200 kilometres from his home. A dream employer in Munich Ismaning had exactly his desired profile: The company, Lectra, worldwide leader in integrated solutions (Software, CAD/CAM and complimentary services), specially targeted to the fashion industry, the automobile industry and the upholstery industry, is now seeking an manager for its marketing department.

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Clarify objectives

Lectra also expressed great interest in Peter Schatz, so that the first job interview with the managing director, the HR manager and the sales director took place at short notice. "After the interview – and I found this particularly impactful – there was a feedback talk with Mr Bockholdt. This was directly on the motorway on the way home."

French managerial elite

Biggest advantage: For Peter Schatz, the new corporate culture at Lectra did not entail any great adjustment as he was already familiar with french corporate culture from his former position. After all, he had himself worked in Paris and managed french employees there, and was therefore familiar with French corporate culture from two angles. Enthusiasm ignited He was all the more delighted with the swift notice that he had been shortlisted by Lectra and that another interview was to be held at the site in France. But at this point, things went a little wrong: "I was supposed to fly to Bordeaux and everything was already booked – hotel, flights, everything –, and then came the Air France strike." Despite this hitch, the second interview took place by videoconference. Shortly after this, it was clear that all parties had been won over by the other and that nothing more stood in the way of contract conclusion.

Lectra – a dream team

Peter Schatz is most enthusiastic about his dream employer Lectra: "I have here a dream team, who all work together incredibly well, help each other, look to the future, want to change things, and are aware of the challenges that face us. In the team we always work on the topic or the goal, in order to actually achieve it. I can really only extol my team with the highest of praises."

Personal and approachable

Because of the pleasant corporate culture, it is evident for him that the method is a very promising one. He also realised something about the mood within the company: "One reason I came to Lectra was the positive feeling I had during the interviews with the managing director and the HR manager. I really thought, this fits. They are approachable, honest, they are not hiding anything from me, they are telling me exactly what challenges are facing us."

Positive corporate culture

Peter Schatz is equally impressed by the products and services of his dream employer: "Everything we offer is of absolutely premium quality and world class." And the positive corporate culture can be felt everywhere: "When you come in here, you feel good and its clear that we are all working on the objectives together in order to fulfil them or to surpass them, which is just great."

Success through HR Scouting

After the successful introduction at Lectra, Peter Schatz looked back with utmost contentment on the CAREERS LOUNGE process: "Mr Bockholdt was the one who was always on hand during the entire matching and recruiting phase, was always ready to honestly answer any questions I had and also explained to me what to read between the lines. I found Mr Bockholdt to be a true business partner, be that thanks to his important insights into the company, the job interview process or the particulars of the position."