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Germany's businesses are undergoing a revolution. Filling open positions has become a bottleneck that limits growth. But how do companies position themselves so they stand out from the competition? How do you become a desirable employer in the digital age? Find out more now

About us

About us

The CAREERS LOUNGE is an informational forum for ensuring success in your professional and personal life. It is designed for exciting and inspiring people who want to break new ground - in life and in business. Cutting-edge, with high-quality specialist articles, e-booklets, interviews and videos, the CAREERS LOUNGE provides its registered users with the decisive edge in terms of information.

The CAREERS LOUNGE is aimed at people who are ready to act. With your free registration as a "LOUNGIST", the CAREERS LOUNGE offers valuable information in the form of high-quality technical articles and e-booklets in a comprehensive e-library.

Video: How does HR Scouting work?

Do you want to advance your career? Or are you looking for greater job satisfaction? An HR Scout in the CAREERS LOUNGE will help you personally with your next professional step. Benefit from excellent connections to first-class companies. We open the doors to your preferred employer!

Get in touch with your HR Scout – one on one. And by the way: It won't cost you a penny. How does it work? Watch the short video and find out how HR Scouting works. Extraordinary dream employers of all sizes from all industries set out to attract committed personnel in new ways. They offer sustained support and development opportunities for your talents. Get to know some other desirable employers.

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Dream employers in the CAREERS LOUNGE

Extraordinary dream employers of all sizes from all industries set out in new ways to attract committed personnel. They offer sustained support and development opportunities for your talents. Learn more about other dream employers

Find dream employees

Find dream employees

Would you like to find out which outstanding people are looking for a desirable employer like you? Take a look at an excerpt of our PREMIUM LOUNGISTS from HR Scouting:

These are first-class talents on the way to their new specialist, sales and management positions. Through our succinct success stories, you can find high-calibre candidates for your company. Important: "One on one in the digital age" – is our motto. We are in one-on-one contact with every single person. So please don't hesitate to contact us immediately when a success story arouses your interest.

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